Myteacher is an E-learning online firm registered under the corporate affairs commission Nigeria.

Below are the terms of use, which must be adhered to for effective service delivery


The following terms must be adhered to as they bind the instructor and the firm.

a)      To be an instructor you will register and sign up for free

b)      All submitted details must be true and no false information will be allowed.

c)      It is the duty of the instructor to create course and submit to myteacher. The firm have the right to modify and make input in the course

d)     Myteacher have the right to scrutinize, accept and reject courses

e)      All submitted  courses must be educative, professional, presentable and of quality

f)       No form of advertizing or promotional should be made in the course without authorization

g)      You will not copy, distribute, modify, tarnish, hack the course contents

h)      Course fees is determined by the firm and percentage sharing

i)        You will not impersonate or use another  client’s account


a)The firm cherishes every student and as such all information submitted by the student is private, confidential and used appropriately by the firm

b) No uploading or posting of unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, junk mail, spam or any other form of inappropriate post client’s

c) You will not copy,modify,reverse,engineer,reproduce,distribute,deface,hack,interface and misuse the course contents and services

d) You will not impersonate or use another client’s account

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